Down East Readers’ Choice: Best Maine Blog

BESTOFMAINE_2014_RCI have a strange announcement. I won the Down East Magazine readers’ poll for having the “Best Maine Blog.”

I’m not going to go through the range of emotions I felt when I heard this, but let’s just say my response to the woman who called me was, “Whaaaaaaat….?”

Of course, I’m thrilled about it. My friends are telling me to embrace it and promote it and shout it from the rooftops. I mean, wow. Right? But, I’m reminded of Ann (aka Bland aka Egg) on Arrested Development. Her?

I think of the countless bloggers in Maine who are great writers, are definitely more informative, and have real things to say with facts and experiences backing them up. Here are some of the blogs I read on a fairly regular basis and enjoy very much, in no particular order.

Bourbon. Portland. Beer. Politics.
Are You Really My Friend?
Going Coastal
The Tipping Point
George’s Outdoor News
After The Couch
Food Coma

I hope that doesn’t make me seem ungrateful. I am the exact opposite of that. But right down to the very core, I’m mystified as to how this could have happened without someone rigging the system. I didn’t even attend the reception for the winners. I wouldn’t have been able to handle the “who?” and the “her?”

photoIf in fact you consider me as good a blogger as some of these other writers, then I need a time-out because I might explode. I am flabbergasted. And I’m all kinds of embarrassed (and, no, not for using the word “flabbergasted”).

I considered searching through the archives for my top-read blog posts, but that felt a lot like staring at myself in the mirror to figure out which side of my face looks best in different types of light. I just can’t smize.

Thank you Down East readers and thank you friends. I know it’s annoying that I get all Sally Field when someone tells me they enjoy this silly blog. I swear to you, I’m truly surprised and humbled. Thank you.

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