Second Annual Mutt Scrub Is This Weekend

muttscrub 2014_finalWhat are you doing this weekend? It’s supposed to be super nice in the midcoast region and I have just the thing.

The second annual Mutt Scrub, an event organized by Two Salty Dogs Pet Outfitters to support the Lincoln County Animal Shelter is this Saturday, 7/26, 11am–3pm, in Boothbay Harbor.

All proceeds, not a portion of the proceeds, but all proceeds will go to the shelter.

I’ll tell you upfront, these guys are old and good friends of mine. But, this event is worth noting because it’s produced by a local shop (which has also been voted Best Maine Pet Store two years’ running now) to support a local nonprofit. Regardless of whether I know the owners, it’s a great event pulled together by people who care about their community, about animal-related nonprofits, and about pet-friendly initiatives.

Last year, the Mutt Scrub raised $1,000, and I know this year they will do even better.

It’s a fun thing to do. Bring your dog, your kids, or just yourself for a pile of ridiculousness…with raffle prizes. This is what’s in store:

Nonny spanielA nice dog scrubbing: Your dog will be lovingly massaged by adoring kids using shampoo donated by Bangor, Maine’s Mutt Nose Best. Two Salty Dogs is vigilant about selling quality local products in their shop. Mutt Nose Best is no exception.

A dog talent show: You’ll see here a picture of Two Salty Dogs’ Coal howling for all he’s worth. He also barks at zombies. I love that dog. Other dogs do cool stuff too. I’m one of the judges. I Coal Howlpromise I’m impartial in that capacity, just not in real life.

Doggy musical chairs: The music stops. The dog doesn’t sit. He or she is out! It’s most fun to watch the dog handlers say, “Sit. Sit. Siiiiiit,” while the dog happily wags his tail and sniffs around.

Face painting: Trust me, adults wearing face paint aren’t creepy. They aren’t creepy at all. evaNope. Okay. Yeah. Leave this one for the kids.

Crust of Maine: A mobile wood-fired pizza oven truck. You should come just to check this out. And, according to owner Don Kingsbury, “They are awesome.”

Music stylings and MC work from DJ Meow Meow: DJ MEOW-editI tried to find a clip of someone saying “meow meow” rapidly in a high-pitched voice, as Don suggested, but this is all I could find. It works on so many levels and I’m never going to get that song out of my head. Bonus: If DJ Meow Meow plays “Who Let the Dogs Out” more than once, you get to watch me punch him in the face.

Drum roll please. Here’s the biggest part! There’s a ginormous raffle–if you can’t make it to the Mutt Scrub, swing into Two Salty Dogs and purchase your raffle ticket there. You don’t have to be present to win.

Raffle envelopes

It’s a buck a shot and this is what’s on the table:

bagSweet Bay – Canvas Tote Bag with Map of the Boothbay Region (I love the pillows at that shop. I just love the pillows.)

A Silver Lining – Sailboat Bracelet (My mom would have loved this shop.)

Ports of Italy – $25 Gift Certificate (DEEEEEEEEEE-licious diet-breaking food.)

Boothbay Railway Village – 4 guest passes ($40, I have never, ever been to the Railway Village but I commented on every other item so I felt like I had to be consistent.)

The Lobster Dock – $50 Gift Certificate (Groom and I have beenbracelet known to tie up the boat and grab lunch here every now and then. So good.)

McSeagulls – $75 Gift Certificate (If you’ve never gotten drunk at McSeagulls and watched your friend sing Bette Davis Eyes during karaoke while nine months pregnant, you haven’t lived. I have an entire salvo of ridiculous stories about this place.)

Robinson’s Wharf & Tugs Pub – $75 Gift Certificate (I used to consider this a drive-by spot, but lately, it’s become super fun and yummy.)

The Boathouse Bistro Tapas Bar & Restaurant – $100 Gift Certificate (This buys more blueberry sangria anyone should need, or in my world….just enough.)

Untangled – $50 Gift Certificate (This is a sweet little hair salon on Oak Street in Boothbay.)

ME – If you come to the Mutt Scrub and donate to the cause, I will stop using the word ginormous. I will also include a phrase or word of your choosing in a blog post.

I’m certain I’m forgetting something. Swing by Two Salty Dogs—or (2) NaCl-y K-9, according to Don, because he is an even bigger dork than I am—on McKown Street in Boothbay on Saturday (7/26) between 11 and 3 and you can tell me what I forgot. I’ll be the fat middle-aged lady looking like she’s helping but is really sneaking baked goods into her pie-hole.

Bonus Track: I emailed owner Don for a sweet little comment for this post. What he offered me isn’t even remotely print-worthy. If you’ve ever been in the shop or read any of Two Salty Dogs’ dog blogs, you can probably guess the nature of what he said to me. It was funny, endearing, and mildly threatening (just like Don), all accompanied by a picture of Alan Alda.

Double Bonus Track: I told Don’s wife and co-owner Liana I wanted to write a post about the Mutt Scrub and she said, “The Number One Maine Blogger writing about the Number One Maine Pet Store?! What do you get when you combine Number One with Number One?”

Honestly. How can I let that sit out there? You get Number Two.Ginger Olive

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